Our uncertain sojourn in this life is enormously filled with irony. Of which, God can only rationally and intelligently comprehend. The opening statement of this enlightening blog pertains to those famous people who are literally squandering God’s blessings for the wrong reasons. They may be rich in material wealth, but they are being blinded by their millions in such ways that these people always have the preconceived notions that they will not bitterly suffer the consequences of their actions. Like for instance, international and local celebrities alike are mostly engaged in illegal drugs and gambling sprees.

This scene was taken from the movie, Rainman, where these two men gambled as if there is no tomorrow.

This scene was taken from the movie, Rainman, where these two men gambled as if there is no tomorrow.

In reality, these chosen ones are very lucky. They are earning their millions so easily. Once the money is in the bag, they will already paint the town red. As for the other jetsetters, they will purchase those lavish real estate properties and then a year later after buying this posh caprice nobody will live there. What a waste! On the other hand, there are millions of people who do not even have a decent shelter to live in. A Third World country like the Philippines, cannot deny the bitter reality that majority of the Filipinos are living under the bridge and inside those dilapidated and improvised pushcarts. How would a rich person feel if he or she in that degrading circumstance?

Along this line, how then should we appreciate God’s blessings. Frankly, this is simple question that can be easily answered in five meaningful words. Thank You and Use it Wisely. God never expects anything in return from us. He only wants each and everyone to realize that His rewards are limitless provided that we know to use, develop and share whatever we might be receiving from His bounty. Unfortunately, many people had unconsciously presumed that all that they have are theirs. Exclusively theirs.

As a result, they tend to be selfish arrogant and irrational. Where is our world heading to? Have we ever realized that we are only temporary stewards of His riches? All in this world is fleeting and temporary. In effect, we will die without anything to satisfy us. Our souls will be judged not by how much we have. Rather, God will ask us this very challenging question. What did you do to my riches? Once you already find the right answer, your eternal life in Heaven will be more than a blessing to your soul.

It’s never too late. Appreciate God’s blessings with a grateful and forgiving heart. He will bless you more than ever, if only you know how to give back without regrets.

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