There are millions of people who have psoriasis. But is very unfortunate to know that there are lots of them who are definitely clueless on what it is and how to effectively get rid of it, if there are indeed ways on how to do so. First and foremost, psoriasis is a kind of skin disease that is characterized by severe itching most specially when the afflicted person who has it is under the extreme conditions of stress. It came from two words namely psora which means to itch and sis which simply means to action.

Psoriasis-pustolosa-generalisata is the extremest form of this mysterious skin disease.

Psoriasis-pustolosa-generalisata is the extremest form of this mysterious skin disease.

Brief Description

To extensively characterize, it is a chronic, common, relapsing and immune-mediated skin disease with scaly patches which are red in color. Thus, it has plaques which make the itching more severe. As far as its causes are concerned, these are actually unknown. However, medical experts do associate it with the following factors: Genetics, the kind of lifestyle that a given person adopts and those with the dreaded HIV. To briefly expound, the factors of heredity or genetics have somehow indicated that if there are two or more relatives of yours who are afflicted with the said skin disease, you would most likely have it by almost 75%. On the other hand, your lifestyle factors do include your alcohol intake, changing of the seasons and climate.

Signs and Symptoms

Generally, the common signs and symptoms of are severe itching, swelling, exfoliation of the skin and sometimes a painful sensation. Again, this depends on the kind of psoriasis that you have. The aforementioned signs and symptoms go for erythrodermic psoriasis. Some forms of this particular skin problem have greasy scales, reddish spots all over the body and a fissured tongue. As previously mentioned, there are no specific cures for it. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways on how to cope with it. To know more, read on.

Effective Ways on How to Combat Psoriasis

There are proven and time-tested means on how to easily fight this genetic related skin disease. Some of which are enumerated below.

  1. Decrease your weight to lessen the aggravation of the said ailment.– According to Goldenberg, assistant professor of dermatology and pathology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.
  2. Have a healthy rendezvous with the sun.- Always make sure that you have the right amount of sunlight, is one of the best ways to deal with this kind of disease. According to a recent medical experiment, some people have exposed their afflicted skin parts for just a few minutes a day. But make it sure that you will not develop sunburns, because this will trigger the outbreak.
  3. Take care of your scalp.- Use some coal tar shampoo to reduce scalp irritation. The other types of medicated scalp treatments to minimize its aggravation are as follows: Medicated liquids, mousse and gels can greatly help you a lot.
  4. Do your exercise routines religiously.- Regardless of their types, there are no better ways to prevent flare ups but this particular step. To date, significant researches have shown that those women who are engaged in vigorous physical activities like aerobics and running, have amazingly reduced the redness of the skin by 36%.

Psoriasis treatments might be rare as its mysterious origin. But, there are versatile mechanisms on how to manage them painlessly if you are determined to positively overcome it for good.

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