Korea’s famous celebrities have openly revealed their simple beauty secrets insofar as removing their heavy makeups are concerned, after their hectic schedules everyday. In removing your thick makeup, the proper cleansing method is the ultimate solution to all of these. In context, it does not really matter if your makeup is thick or not. What matters most, is the right choice of those over the counter cleansing agents. To begin with, if you are fond of putting cosmetics on your beautiful face always have in mind that you have to make use of the following: First, an eye and lip makeup remover. Second, it should be immediately followed up with a pH-balanced kind of cleansing oil.

This is an easy step-by-step process on how to remove your thick makeups the proper way.

This is an easy step-by-step process on how to remove your thick makeups the proper way.

In addition to this, when you use a makeup remover to do away with your thick makeup pour some adequate amount of it on a piece of clean cotton. Then, apply it gently on your face. Leave on for three to five seconds. After which, you must carefully wipe off some makeup residues. Lastly, give your-self a nice and gentle massage on the whole region of your radiant-looking face.

The next best thing that you should do to remove your thick makeup according to these much sought after Korean celebs, is to use a gently-formulated cleansing foam. To do this, you just have to pour some cleansing foam on your hand and then make some cute bubbles. Make sure, that you will generously apply it most specially on the T-zone of your face. According to these beautiful goddesses of Korea, the more bubbles that you make the lesser is your skin irritation.

But, for those females out there who are more often attacked with fine dusts they badly need this 3rd cleansing step. Use a carbonated kind of water. Did you know that an ounce of carbonated water can tremendously activate your skin’s texture cells and it effectively removes those stubborn makeup stains in a flash? More so, it magnificently acts a skin balancer as it equalizes the amount of oil and moisture on your face. In effect, it prevents your skin from aging with continuous use.

It is not really impossible to have a flawless skin, even if you are wearing those thick makeups with vibrant colors. Instead, all you need to do is to religiously follow these easy to do how to remove your thick makeup cleansing techniques everyday.

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