Our lives are full of complexities which are so much hard to bear. Oftentimes, we almost feel like it is in the end of the world whenever we are being shaken by trials that will make us think of surrendering, just to make it our-selves feel better. Inasmuch as a dilemma is always in our midst, how can you resolve a dilemma without going to a doctor? Well all you need to do is to sit back, relax and read this article very carefully. Actually, there is no such thing as an irresolvable dilemma. Perhaps, you must initially find out as to where is it originating and everything else will fall in the right place. It is because, any kind of conflict regardless of its nature can be addressed through the magical wonders of these 5 easy techniques. The succeeding methods in resolving a dilemma without the aid of a medical professional, involves only some practical and easy to do steps, which were utilized by these medical doctors them selves. These are the following:

Any kind of dilemma is resolvable, even without a medical intervention

Any kind of dilemma is resolvable, even without a medical intervention,

Ways to cure Dilemma

  1. Free Association Technique– This is a process wherein you will discuss your dilemma with someone whom you trust so dearly, without hesitations. In this process of resolving a dilemma, the other party acts an intent listener no more, no less. Afterwhich, an advice will be given which should be done by a person who is suffering from a difficult situation.
  2. Meditation Technique– This second technique simply deals with your inner being and your faith in God. As they say. faith can move mountains. Therefore, you need to go to a place where you can be alone and immerse your-self in deep prayer. Afterwards, try to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit for your added guidance and protection. By the way, the easiest thing for you to do is to feel its presence is by listening to some spiritually-nourishing Gospel music. After a few minutes, you will feel that something has changed within you.
  3. Be a positive thinker.- Avoid dwelling with self-blame, self- pity and most importantly, a negative concept of your-self. Try to do away with a habit of thinking about your dilemma by keeping your-self preoccupied.
  4. Eat well.- Whenever you have conflicts in your midst, you still need to eat lots of nutritious food to keep your body’s metabolism in good condition. Also, you need to do some simple exercise routines to keep your immune system strong and active at all times.
  5. Prepare a small notebook, and write down the best solutions to your dilemma.- Just a hint. Your tentative solutions must be concrete, well-defined and easy to do. Of course, you have to diligently apply what you have jotted down in the soonest time possible.

In closing, these how to resolve a dilemma techniques are the most flexible and easiest to do and follow, since it only requires your utmost diligence and faith to be able to successfully accomplish these fruitful self-help mechanisms in no time at all.

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