How to Save Water Before Drought Sets In

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Water is as valuable as gold. We cannot live without it. This is one of the primal necessities for human survival. But what if a sudden drought sets in? What will ever happen to Our Mother Planet and to our future generation? What seems to be the viable ways on how to save water before the the onset of an irreversible drought devastates our one and only planet.

Although it has been said that 70% of the earth’s covering is composed of water, it is estimated that only 3% of it is fresh. Thus, only one percent of freshwater is best suited for our much needed consumption. What seems to cause the unbearable incidence of drought? Experts have concluded that this ecological nightmare is mainly due to the following factors: Continuous socio-economic development agendas, antiquated water structure and an ever-increasing demand for the most essential treasure of Mother Nature. Solutions wise, there are varying ways on how to survive in times of drought. Here are some of them.

What shall we do if Mother Earth will be stricken by drought?

What shall we do if Mother Earth will be stricken by drought?

Survival Tips During Drought

The endless challenges which are being posed by Mother Nature are indeed resolvable. Therefore, droughts can be shun away from the face of the earth.

  1. Use efficient toilets– Efficiency connotes the use of the so-called WaterSense labeled toilets. Thus, the utilization of water insert will help you a lot in conserving tons and tons of water everyday. It is said that you can save as much as 20%.
  2. Replace your washing machine with a water-efficient capability.- Look for a corresponding ENERGY STAR label for a particular brand that you wish to buy.
  3. Use faucets with WaterSense labels.- Use a water flow-reducing aerator in order to save on your water consumption by 5.4%.
  4. Rainwater must be used as an alternative for irrigation.- Making use of rainwater for irrigation purposes allows you to save as much as 100 percent of an outdoor water consumption.

Now, who says that a destructible drought can ruin our lives forever? God will provide His mysterious ways for us to survive until the end of time.

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