A well-rounded personality does not only entail an unmatched kind of uniqueness but also, it has something to do about one’s irresistible physical appearance. In this regard, our informative website wishes to impart the easiest way on how to tie a tie the right way. These techniques in tying a tie is so essential for both young, old and the career-oriented men who are sophisticated by nature. Actually, there are three methods in tying your simple to elegant neckties. These are the following: The Four-in-Hand Knot, Half-Windsor Knot, and last but not the least; is the so-called Prat Knot. Take a look at the steps including graphical illustrations or images below to keep you guided accordingly as to how to tie a tie.

How to tie a Tie

How to tie a Tie

Four-in-Hand Knot

The Four-in-Hand Knot is the most discreet but bit non-symmetrical type of a necktie knot. It is more suitable for a wardrobe that is called as a “standard button-down shirt.” This type of a tie knot suits anyone specially men with shorter necks. As far as its knots are concerned, they are narrow and elongated from its stretched areas. Thus, making men’s necks a bit shorter.

Four-in-Hand Knot

Four-in-Hand Knot

Generally, there are 7 easy steps to follow on how to tie a tie, using the Four-in-Hand Knot. These are:

  1. Begin with a much wider end of the necktie, that is located on your right side. Please do take note that its ideal distance is approximately 12 inches, underneath its narrow end.
  2. Next, you to have to cross the wide portion of the tie over its narrow part.
  3. Turn its wide part, below its narrowest section.
  4. Proceed by bringing the tie’s much wider portion back, over and in front its narrow end again.
  5. Gently, pull the wide portion of the tie which must go upwards to the loop around your neck.
  6. Make use of your index finger, to hold the front portion of your tie’s knot gently. Then, bring its wide end downwards until it reaches the front loop.
  7. Lastly, remove your finger but you must ensure that the knot has been tightened all the way up to the collar by holding its narrow portion. In an upward motion, slide the tie.

Half-Windsor Knot

This is otherwise known as the “Windsor Tie Knot”. This unique manner in tying a necktie tends to produce a neat-looking personality because of its triangular kind of knot. Basically, this is much larger than a Four-in-Hand Knot. But, it is much smaller than a knot that is called “Windsor”.

Half Windsor Knot

This is how a Half Windsor Knot looks

To use this method in tying a tie, here are the steps that you should do.

  1. Face a mirror and put the tie around your neck. In this kind of technique, the wide portion of the tie should be wrapped downwards with an approximate measurement of about 10 to 12 inches just beneath its thin edge.
  2. Knot the edge that is a bit wider around the necktie’s narrow end. Try to shift the much wider tip over the narrow one and do the same thing behind the tie to make a loop.
  3. Insert the wide edge of the tie into the loop of your neck. To do this one, simply begin by raising the necktie in front of your physique. After which, enfold it over and then tuck it again in the middle of your collar and tie.
  4. Cross over the widest edge over its opposite end. Bring the tie out in front of you, and make a cross going to its narrow side which follows` the right to left direction.
  5. Bring the wide edge upwards through the loop. Insert or tuck the tie upwards in between its loop.
  6. How to wind up the tie knot using the Half-Windsor Method.- Slowly, pull the much wider end of the tie through its knot which is just in front of the necktie. When done, be sure that you will be able to tighten the knot; thereby, making some necessary adjustments to produce a knot with a symmetrical shape.
  7. Necktie Adjustment- This step of the Half-Windsor method will teach you these steps. First, make sure that you have tighten the tie over your wardrobe’s collar by pulling its narrow side wherein it should not be concealed beneath the wider side of the necktie. In case it has a carrier loop which is located below its wider side, simply glide its narrow area through the tie’s loop to avoid some snooping at the back of the tie’s narrow side.

The Prat / Shelby / Shell Knot

Another method on how to tie a tie that you can easily apply is the Prat Knot also known as the Shelby or Shell Knot. The Pratt Knot simply implies the tying of a necktie around your neck going to your apparel’s collar.

Pratt / Shelby / Shell Knot

Pratt / Shelby / Shell Knot

Below are the steps on how to tie this type of necktie.

  1. The wide end of your chosen necktie, should always be on the right side.
  2. Take the necktie’s wider side, and shift it under its narrow tip going to the left. Next, the necktie must be brought over to the top and downwards again through the loop at its neck.
  3. Always have in mind, that you should take the tie’s much wider end just beneath it while going to the left and over again to its right side.
  4. Shift the wide part of the tie, by going through its loop of your neck and then going back in a downward direction going through the tie’s knot.

Knowing how to tie a tie is so easy provided that you are able to follow these simple steps regardless of the methods that you have learned. In so doing, your personality will be as remarkable as you want it to be.

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