A writer’s awesome and unmatched creativity is the ultimate lifeblood of his or her
promising career. Yours truly, had made an extremely surprising discovery as to how I can beautifully write a creative story by effectively utilizing a 100-word formula. At the first sight on how to carefully execute this winning formulary of notable writers, it seems like it’s really difficult to do. But of course, constant practice is the unlocking secret involved. The succeeding sections will generally summarize those easy to memorize techniques on how to compose a short but engaging story to read and appreciate. Read on.

A creative and incredible writer who can write a story with only 100 words is admirable.

A creative and incredible writer who can write a story with only 100 words is admirable.

Steps to Follow in Writing a Creative Story with Just 100 Words

In the perplex word of creative writing, you can make use of much lesser words as much as possible. However, your most cherished byproduct should substantially include the following: Plot, the main characters, denouement and your much anticipated conclusion. To begin with your self-study and exploration, kindly heed the following pointers. These are:

  1. Develop a very captivating and strong plot.- It is a basic requirement for new and professional writers alike, to write a creative story of interest. However, there are instances wherein excellent plots for your chosen material are hard to find or think about.
  2. Think of a story which has a question and answer format.- As your hint, think of a story or a situation which has an ordinary fashion. It can be about your own experience, someone else’s. Insofar as the questions of the storyline are concerned, always have in mind that you have to write it on a piece of paper and then, choose the one that you like best. After which, proceed to the making of your story’s chain of events. Make it, funny, sad, tragic or romantic. Again, the final decision is yours. But, be sure that this will be in consonance with your expected story ending.
  3. Refer to the plot form of a classic fairytale.- Best examples of these are: Successes stories, shattered dreams and the likes. Use your creative juices to rework on the said ideas.
  4. Imagine a short story– Pattern it after a cute jest. Then, for the sake of variation conclude it with a surprising punchline.
  5. Your story must have adequate details, regardless of its length. Usually, it can be a short anecdote which has enriching details.- It must be straightforward and easy to read at the same time.
  6. Choose the appropriate words for your short chronicle about something. Have in mind, that your readership will grow even more, if it is easy to understand.
  7. Refrain from counting the number of words, while you are writing your masterpiece.- This wrong habit of yours, might disrupt your flow of thought that you want to convey to your would be readers.

These secret techniques on how to write a creative story, will be time-saving and more convenient on your part most specially if you want to write more in the not so distant future.

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