The human persona is enigmatically special that no DNA test can scientifically refute. Basically, the very core of being unique is how you become yourself without over trying. Over the years, psychologists have theoretically devised many principles of personality development that will perfectly support the encompassing proposition of genetic or individual uniqueness. One of the most prominent theories which is involved in the ideal framework of being excellently different from all the rest, was made known by Alfred Adler. Alfred Adler is a famous psychologist who firmly believed that your personality delves around the precepts of superiority and inferiority. Briefly, the main essence of this contention states that in order to have a well-rounded personality that is beautifully geared towards uniqueness you have to become superior in every undertaking that you actively pursue.

Human uniqueness is a kind of transcendental beauty from within.

Human uniqueness is a kind of transcendental beauty from within.

In a much understandable context, the dynamic essence of uniqueness is how carry yourself especially during those times when the odds are against you. Although this is already a common knowledge of being optimistic and all that, uniqueness is how you make yourself productive through your own resiliency and resourcefulness no matter what happens. Likewise, this very expressive character denotes to the capability of a person in nourishing his or her spirituality to gladly serve others without asking anything in return. Needless to say, most of us forget about to deal with our soul enriching agenda because of three major reasons: First, we are too preoccupied with worldly concerns.

In effect, our untainted uniqueness in the merciful eyes of God is devastatingly weakened eventually wrecked without our knowing. Second, our spiritual individuality is severely affected when we come to a point in our lives when we turn to egoistic or self-centered; as caused by our inner drives to get what we earnestly desire for. Little did we know, that we are hurting other people and that in a way rottens our glaring uniqueness, spirituality wise. Lastly, uniqueness is the unraveling of your good traits to be applied in your daily lives.

As years passed, most people negatively think that they are worthless, inefficient and incapable of making positive outcomes because they lacked the formal rudiments of exemplary fruition. Simply, when a person fails to finish his or her studies that particular individual sees himself as “nothing”. But, is that the right attitude towards a brighter life ahead? Of course, logically speaking it is not. Therefore, the succeeding sections of this article will unwrap these 5 easy steps on how you will qualitatively measure your barometer of uniqueness.

5 Easy Ways to Know How Unique are You

These are the practical and 5 salient ways to answer the question, “How Unique Are You?”

  • Your decision making skills do not depend on your own volition, but in God.
  • You always give out your best in everything you do.
  • You only see the good things within your entirety, regardless of your fumbles and trials in life.
  • You never forget to give back to those people in need.
  • You always see yourself, as a victor and not as a bitter loser.

How unique you are is not how you look. Rather, it is the harmonious way of dealing with others and yourself in the most sincere manner. Ultimately, the word unique denotes something about you that only God can see from Above.

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