The beauty of one’s hair is the defining moment of anyone, which should never be compromised. Given this statement, it is best to have a little knowledge about one of the superb
assets of human nature. Experts have said time and again, that it says a lot about our personality, good grooming and a lot more. Of all these things, do they have all the right in the world to deduce these scientific facts? Well, let us count them in stride.

A beautiful hair is a priceless asset.

A beautiful hair is a priceless asset.

4 Fascinating Facts About Human Hair

Psychologists and medical experts have openly divulged the 4 darkest secrets of human hairs that you should not take for granted. Simply because, there is so much more to learn about this marvelous shield of ours that has something to do with our hidden desires, unconscious motives and possibly anything under the sun. Well, let us begin our fashionable and worth knowing explorations.

  • The Blonde– Oftentimes, this tress type is likened to a Caucasian gene. But it common among New Guimea’s Melanesian people. Descriptively, it is the curly type that is not commonly linked to the blue eyes of any Melanesian or whatsoever. Furthermore, this a byproduct of a genetic mutation which affects the amino acid patterns of a given person. Moreover, the personality trait of blonde females is that they are said to be more youthful as compared to the ones with dark coiffures.
  • Women with natural blondes have more estrogen.- According to experts, the color of one’s fluff is his /her the genetic phenotype. Meaning, one’s crowning glory has varying expressions depending on the person who has that kind of hair type. Like for instance, scientists have found out that blondes have more estrogen than those who are not.
  • People with red-colored hairstyles, are more emotional.- Social conventions have it that those people with red-colored tresses are most likely to be hot tempered. However, scientific facts have proven this notion otherwise. According to them, they are more prone to the manifestations of physical pains that are brought about by sores. More so, they are found to be insensitive to painkillers. For some unknown reason, they tend to avoid a dental practitioner. Unfortunately. they are also more susceptible to different types of skin cancers. Last but not the least, the oddity about these people is that they do not develop any gray hair at all.
  • Hair color and Cognitive Disabilities– Children with blonde strands and blue-colored eyes, are more prone to a medical condition which is known as phenylketonuria. Also, these children are said to be dyslexic.

Although some scientists have firmly believed that our hair is more than just an asset to flaunt, it is much better if we would be able to establish a qualitative statement that one’s personality makeup or trait must be objectively measured through a battery of psychological tests rather than through his/her external beauty.

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