The sacred sacrifice of of mankind is truly immeasurable when it comes to his intense manifestation of love, thanksgiving and confidence in the Lord. Such a classic example is human flagellation. Last Season of Lent, there are lots of people who are doing their own unique ways of repentance, as part of their unwavering commitment to Our Creator to re-enact the Passion and Death of Our Savior after 2,000 years ago. These men and women from San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines are literally beating them-selves with sharp objects until their bodies are extremely mutilated and oozing with their own sweat and blood, prior to their crucifixion. For so many years, there are many individuals who are subjecting their physical bodies to excruciating pain. But, is this really the way to what we call road to human perfection? This blog will objectively analyze everything alongside with its intricate details. First and foremost, flagellation is merely a psychological byproduct that aims for the perfection of one’s spirituality regardless of gender, race and sexual affiliation. Moreover, this is their unconscious manner of letting God know that they are truly sorry for their sins. On the other hand, the Catholic Church does not allow the practice of such a religious act.

Human flagellation is the bet way to atone for their sins.

Human flagellation is the bet way to atone for their sins.

Based on the Catholic Church doctrine, the said ritual is not allowed in anyway because Our Savior Jesus Christ had already accomplished man’s redemption on Mount Calvary. Therefore, such a selfless act must not be replicated by anyone no matter how vague nor definite their reasons are. Meanwhile, the penitents humbly defended them-selves by saying that it is their only way of asking God for a miracle for those unbearable challenges and circumstances that only He can resolve. As far as the others are concerned, they are doing this for the sake of cleansing and saving our world. On its socio-cultural aspect, this is only an outlet of most Filipinos from their daily struggles in their lives. Tourism wise, it is now somewhat an official tourist attraction most specially in the provinces of San Fernando in Pampanga and Paombong, Bulacan. For those global trotters who had personally witnessed this kind of revealing gesture of Filipino spirituality, these people are indeed extraordinary, amazing and awe-inspiring. So, they will never stop them-selves from getting to know the tradition in a much deeper perspective.

In the said human flagellation rites, both men and women are walking along busy streets without their slippers or whatever to protect their feet from extreme heat and pain. While they are doing this, they are strongly whipping their bodies with an improvised belt which has tiny bits of those debris from broken glasses or anything that is literally sharp. After which, the real crucifixion will finally take place. Speaking of the said spiritual undertaking, the nails for the crucifixion rites are dipped in alcohol and a blessed kind of oil on Maundy Thursday; until the early morn of Good Friday. On the final act itself, there are three, long and disinfected nails which are painfully pounded on the palms of the flagellants and they will be crucified on the cross thereafter. Conversely, these nails will be removed at exactly 3:00 P.M.

If you do think that this is the end of this ritual, No, it is not. Imagine this. these magical nails do not leave any mark on their palms or whatsoever. In cases wherein there are tiny wounds, it will miraculously get healed the next day. Believe it or not, it’s up to you to witness this shocking gift or wisdom in the years to come.

Human flagellation has always been a controversial undertaking every Lenten Season. Just the same, we must respect this kind of a anthropological belief because each one of us has our own distinct way of making our spirituality to radiantly glare in perfection notwithstanding its underlying mysteries and queries that further make this sacrifice even more intriguing and worth seeing at the same time.

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