In tropical country like the Philippines, there is no such thing as a hypothermic attack. However, many of our readers are perhaps more than willing to know more about it. Well, a rare case of hypothermia occurs when a person’s body tend to lose an enormous amount of heat at an incredible speed, which is actually too dubious as far as its inherent production is concerned. When this suddenly happens to anyone of us, your body’s normal temperature will drop at dangerous levels. Significantly, it is when the temperature of the body goes below 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hypothermia Survival Procedure.

Hypothermia Survival Procedure.

Generally, the body cannot do its job efficiently when its out of the groove insofar as its temperature is concerned. If this will be left untreated, your immune system will shut down and it will eventually lead to death. Among the pertinent signs and symptoms of hypothermia are: Fatigue, shivering, increased heartbeat, confusion and poor psychomotor skills. Sometimes, it can make a person develop irrational behaviors. Apart from these, medical doctors have found out that if you are extremely exposed to an unbearable cold environment, you might experience nausea, dizziness, swift breathing and speech impairment to the very least. Prior to your quick response, it is too crucial to have a brief knowledge as to what type of a hypothermic reaction your loved one is currently having right now. In essence, the survival kit for this kind of medical condition must be in consonance with the said problem. To prevent any type of a hypothermic reaction, an individual has to be well-hydrated. In an easy to grasp overview entitled, a brilliant medical practitioner who goes by the name of Jeremy Knaut, he clearly pointed out.

One of the most common mistakes that leads to hypothermia is dehydration because people mistakenly believe that they don’t need as much water in a cold environment. I’ve seen more than a few tough guys succumb to the cold because of this. Adequate hydration allows your body to properly convert food into energy, which creates body heat. It also allows your blood to flow more freely and transfer heat throughout your body.

Likewise, an alarming hypothermic attack can be effectively dealt with if the external body of the victim must be kept dry as much as possible. To further explain, water conducts heat more efficiently than the air within and around us. In other words, you must not get wet in a freezing atmosphere to avoid any incidence of hypothermia. In the same manner, here are the other ways to help those people from having this kind of an impending danger. First and foremost, you must make a fire of your own as immediately as possible. But, never do it if your companion has a numb skin. This can result to s burned skin. Next, be sure that the victim is completely dry. Bring a dry pair of socks and clothes and let the poor victim wear them. Lastly, do a vigorous physical activity to finally do away with hypothermia.

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