Have you ever tried of being served by a super to cook your food right before your very eyes? In the recently concluded food conference in Las Vegas, there was a humble super chef who can literally prepare your favorite dish in an instant. This is no other than but the IBM Watson’s Food Truck. An IBM Watson’s Food Truck can literally prepare anything that you want for as long as you are really craving for it. In fact, it has already cooked a Thai Asparagus dish, an Austrian Choco Burrito and the likes. According to its prolific innovators, the highly-sophisticated Watson’s Food Truck will greatly help IBM to cover up its millions of revenue loses in the recent years. Apart from that, it can remarkably make the unpredictable world of a personalized food service to become one of the most profitable businesses in the world today.

The latest and invincible food server in the world is here. It is the IBM Watson's Food Truck.

The latest and invincible food server in the world is here. It is the IBM Watson’s Food Truck.

Moreover, the amazing and incredible IBM Watson’s Food Truck is one of the last resorts of IBM to domineeringly conquer again the genre of computers in the years ahead. Advantage wise, it is generally suitable for those people with physical incapacities as well as those career-oriented individuals who are always busy with their demanding and stressful jobs.

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