Human equality matters to our Creator much. Last night, while the author of this article was thinking about to write she opened her television set and she had come across of Sandra Aguinaldo’s documentary about 12-year old blind photographer whose name is Jerald Polintan. The reason why this lady writer has decided to pen about this very amazing child is to make everyone aware that there is no dividing line between normal people and those Persons with Disability. As an overview, this super child is totally blind since birth.

Jerald Polintan is a 12-year old photographer who is totally blind.

Jerald Polintan is a 12-year old photographer who is totally blind.

But as this persevering blind photographer learns to adapt with his physical inadequacy, there is one thing that has become vividly clear within him. He assiduously desires to become a professional photographer despite of his congenital visual impairment. As a result, Jerald’s parents enrolled him in one of the widely recognized photography schools in the Philippines. Apart from this, he is studying in a normal school to make him realize that he is not totally different from other people of her age. According to his mother, she was in awe when the young boy had told her that he wanted to be a photographer in the future. Although she presumed that it was too impossible to do, the astounded mom of Jerald Polintan did not waste any time to make her son’s future ambition larger than life.

Here’s the actual video footage of Sandra Aguinaldo’s documentary about PWD’S. Watch.

Meanwhile, his sophisticated digital camera has special settings to make it much easier for him to take pictures of anything that he desires. In case if you are wondering as to how Jerald Polintan, a blind photographer does it like a pro, he just makes use of his sensitive gut feel to make his unbelievable masterpieces truly something to brag about.

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  1. leng says:

    hi cheryle,

    this is leng/belinda the mother of jerald polintan…thanks for writing about my son, i hope we can update you about his photography…

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