Indonesia, the world’s third largest democratic country in the world seems to be politically divided nowadays. This came after its people are set to elect a new president on Wednesday. The two prominent candidates are as follows: A humble furniture maker and a former general of the army, who is allegedly linked to former president Suharto. Along this line, it has been said that the momentum of this very controversial presidential race was on Joko Widodo.

Indonesia Election

The forthcoming presidential elections in Indonesia has caused some sort of political divisiveness among them-selves.

Widodo is a governor of Jakarta who has an untainted political record to be proud of. As this developed, there is another prospective candidate by the name of Prabowo Subianto. His main political agenda if he would ever win the presidential elections in Indonesia is that he wants the genuine spirit of nationalism to be fully restored in his own native land. When Indonesia’s presidential polls officially begins, there would be about 190 million registered voters who are about to cast their votes. On the other hand, those Indonesians, who are outside of the country has an overwhelming number of voters which is approximately estimated at around 2 million. Meanwhile, a huge percentage of the said voting population has already casted their votes since last Saturday.

Truly, the democratic machineries of Indonesia are seamlessly working to effectively institute those doable and effective political, economic and social reforms for the welfare of her self-reliant people.

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