God truly loves all of his wonderful creations by magnificently letting us know that physical inadequacies are not just excellently compensated; but they can be enhanced to provide someone with a new lease of life. Just recently, a boy who was born without ears was given shimmering ray of hope when he had innovative ears >courtesy of his very own ribs. This unique and tearful medical surgery was performed at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital. The lucky boy who can now hear the world’s happiness and indescribable noises goes by the name of Kieran Sorkin. Medically, this extraordinary syndrome is termed as as microtia. According to statistics, it can severely affect almost 100 children in UK alone. Going back, the child was born deaf with small ear lobes With his new ears, he gladly uttered these words with excitement.

I want people to stop asking me questions. I’d also like to be able to wear sunglasses and earphone.

The innovative ear of this macrotia patient gave him a new lease of life.

The innovative ear of this microtia patient gave him a new lease of life.

Prior to that innovative ears surgery, the brilliant doctor who had successfully performed the said operation has conducted a procedure wherein the said pair of ears were stenciled. According to this very dynamic doctor

When a patient has one ear we can match the new ear to that. Fortunately Kieran’s mum has very pretty ears so that should work well.

To date, the incredible and amazing microtia surgery begins with the removal of about 4-6 cartilages. These are to be cut or sewn. After which, the frameworks of these so-called innovative ears are being inserted into the pockets of the skin. Now, to take the shape of an ear on both sides a suction process is the next tedious step to be undertaken. Accordingly, the said surgery is cosmetic and is not merely intended to enhance once hearing.

Indeed, this innovative ear has remarkably proven that scientific inventions know no bounds.

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