Insects for Food: Oddities of Human Survival

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The impressive and intriguing psychology of man is constantly filled with enormous oddities that nobody can ever comprehend. As a universal principle, oddities are those extraordinary and amazing feats of a person which tremendously defy the remarkable conventions of science in the most profound and prolific ways. Insects for food have become an ordinary way of life for those humble folks and natives of Talugtog, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. What matters most for these individuals, are their very unique adaptations and incomparable manners of survival to keep up with the changing tides of human existence.

These humble insects are now one of the most delectable food stuffs for the people of Talugtog, Nueva Ecija.

These humble insects are now one of the most delectable food stuffs for the people of Talugtog, Nueva Ecija.

According to a popular television show in the early ’90s of GMA Channel 7, which was entitled “100% Pinoy”, these one-of-a-kind insects for food are safe and so delicious to eat; since these creatures are also eating different kinds of plants and grasses with no harmful fertilizers or whatsoever. As far as the numerous benefits in eating these grasshoppers as insects for food are concerned, they have strongly believed that these ‘little wonder workers of Mother Nature” can miraculously provide them the agility and physical endurance that they need while they are working in their respective farms all day. Likewise, these insects for food can be effectively used as sex enhancers in males. Generally, the ideal cooking preparation for these insects for food is to saute them in oil, garlic and some onions, while a stove is set in high temperature. After which, these insects for food will be enjoyed by their whole family without any condiment.

Indeed, times have changed. Humans have exceptionally discovered a kind of food chain that will remarkably enhance and sustain the physiological paradigms of human survival, through these insects for food symbiotic relationship. Thus, this makes our world a gracious haven of abundant blessings that we must all dearly use and appreciate.


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