The late comedy actor Robin Williams has lived a colorful and yet struggling life, which was once filled with melancholy and severe bouts of depression, although his career in those years was so promising and fruitful without regrets. However, it is not for us to speculate as to the very major reason why he committed suicide. According to news reports, it might be due to a mysterious and degenerative medical condition which is medically alluded to as the Lewy Body Dementia. Comparatively speaking, this particular neuro-degenerative disorder tends to exhibit similar symptoms of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases respectively.

Famous Hollywood actor Robin Williams allegedly suffered from Lewy Body Dementia.

Famous Hollywood actor Robin Williams allegedly suffered from Lewy Body Dementia.

Primarily, a person’s long and short term memories are gravely affected by Lewy Body Dementia. Just like Parkinson’s this newly-discovered ailment is caused by the so-called misfolded proteins which are being deposited inside the human brain. These lethal proteins are referred to as alpha-synuclein. Based on the scientific studies of Angela Taylor, programs director of Lewy Body Dementia Association she has generally summarized the early signs of LBD. Among the prominent ones are as follows: Memory problems, cognitive lapses, psychomotor difficulties, stiffness of the muscles and gait problems as well.

Unfortunately, the concerted brilliance and efforts of medical science and its advocates have not yet found the remarkable cures for this debilitating kind of medical condition. Diagnosis wise, it is too difficult to conduct such a tedious medical undertaking because of there are no actual disparities between LBD and the other forms of dementia. Based on the varying medical experiences of Dr. Taylor, she has further revealed that it would take any medical practitioner for a period of about 18 months before an accurate diagnosis can be given. As far as Robin Williams is concerned, she said:

The report indicates that [Williams] was being treated for Parkinson’s and that is one of the features of dementia with Lewy bodies.

Nevertheless, the still uncertain modes of treatment for Lewy Body pose a much greater challenge to every medical doctor across the globe. It is solely because its symptoms tend to get worse whenever these are being managed by strong dosages of antipsychotic medications. In lieu of this an alarming medical dilemma, it is then highly suggested that we should take good care of our brain cells by eating the right kinds of food combinations. For instance, we must regularly consume foodstuffs which are both rich in folate and alkaline. Also, we must avoid stressing our brain so much. To keep it from having any form of dysfunction, we must make it a habit to do some easy to do cognitive exercises to make it efficient and sharp like a sword in the colorful passing of years. If Lewy Body Dementia is temporarily incurable, then we must find an ounce of prevention for it as early as today.

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