Movies are not always engaging to watch most specially if the plot is not that sensible enough; thus, too predictable. This is the major reason why critical reviews have to be creatively made no matter how tedious it could be. Interstellar is 2014 science fiction motion picture which is directed by Chris Nolan and it stars Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Michael Caine and Matthew McConaughey. In general, the film is all about a group of space travelers through a wormhole to search for another planet to become their habitat.

To make this film more different as compared to those other movies with the same genre, Christopher Nolan and his other co-writers have used a previously written script by his loving brother which was critically developed in the year 2007. It was earnestly meant for another colossal movie outfit which was no other than but Paramount Pictures. More so, its script was introduced to Lynda Obst. Essentially, it is too usual to negotiate with other film productions to make a given movie a phenomenal hitmaker in the not so distant future. But Paramount has graciously negotiated with Warner Brothers to have an honorable financial stake for this film, although they were rival studios. Apart from this amazing partnership, another film outfit gambled for this very interesting flick for 2014. In the story, a goal-driven space explorer is somewhat tormented to leave his immediate family or not for the sake of a very fulfilling mission that could make a historic event which can never be replicated by anybody.

Interstellar is a 2014 sci-fi movie directed by Christopher Nolan.

Interstellar is a 2014 sci-fi movie directed by Christopher Nolan.

By the way, the expected release date is on November 5, 2014. Hence, it got a rating of PG-13 due to its nature of language, strong action scenes and the likes. Somehow, somewhere, have you ever wondered how life is going to be if an exciting and noble world of humans will ever be extincted in the long run? Look at this. An astronaut is going to be recruited for his last flight. One of his most lethal missions is to reach other mysterious constellations where humans could possibly live for a thousand years. In review, the film’s multi-million sound effects had bitterly failed to establish its genuine purpose of entertaining those people who are very much engrossed with science and space travels. Instead, it mainly dealt with lots of space dilations which passed those convincing characters of the film at varying paces.

Just the same, the revealing and significant metaphors of Interstellar will definitely make this movie worth seeing; despite of its flaws in terms of providing a solid framework for a science fiction movie. If there’s a single thing that needs to enhanced by Nolan in his future films it is no other than but the cinematic quality of being coherent and cohesive in its qualitative aspect. Overall, Interstellar is still highly recommended for adult viewership.

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