It is a common knowledge and habit that we are getting used to in putting our phones inside our pockets, most specially if we are always on the go. Last week, Apple has sold millions of IPhone 6 units worldwide after it has grandiosely unveiled the sleek and stylish mobile communications device. However, there seems to be a mysterious question which keeps on lingering on the minds of many. Is there such a thing as an IPhone 6 bending? In a news report, a user had allegedly placed his very expensive mobile device inside his pocket as he drives down the road to attend a wedding. For more than 18 hours, the gadget was in his front pocket. In a post that he made on a popular website, it said.

The most expensive mobile phone, IPhone 6 has a product flaw.- It bends.

The most expensive mobile phone, IPhone 6 has a product flaw.- It bends.

As I lay it on the coffee table and sat down on the couch to relax from the drive, I saw the reflection of the window in the iPhone slightly distorted.

The dissatisfied consumer further revealed that it even reached near the volume buttons of IPhone 6. Therefore, for the sake of product testing, a blogger who goes by the name of Lewis Hilsenteger had really gone out of his way to test the so-called bendability of IPhone 6. So, what he did was he applied some pressure on it by making use of his thumb and finger simultaneously. Have you ever wondered what he shockingly discovered? The IPhone 6 bending flaw has extensively reached around its areas. According to an expert,

It’s basically the limits of physics and engineering. It is about the 6 Plus phone that measures 7.1mm in width. You get this really big device with this a big screen and you make it super thin and you make it out of traditional materials like aluminum and at some point something is going to give. So if you bend it hard enough at some point it’s not going to bend back.

Therefore, Carry Levy, has a simple advice to the would be owners of IPhone 6.

If you are going to buy a device like this, don’t buy it without a case. And watch your jeans, if they are a little bit on the tight side, when you sit down you might want to take the phone out (of your pocket).

Constructively, the said unimaginable IPhone 6 bending problem can be negatively attributed to the aluminum material of the phone itself. It was simply because, it has a much thinner and larger aluminum finish as compared to the previous IPhones of the world- renowned Apple Company. Aside from this very frustrating IPhone 6 bending concerns, there were also other mobile devices which had suffered the same fate. Among these were: Sony, HTC, BlackBerry and Oppo. In the final analysis of this extremely odd news item, it goes without saying that millions of these valued consumers across the globe should always get their money’s worth no matter what happens.

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