iPhone 6: The Big Difference in Technological Innovation

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The fascinating technological innovation in this world is where life’s convenience follows suit the evolution of a much easier form of communication. Today, September 9, 2014 there’s another mobile phone that will surely make waves in global markets as soon as its features are to be unraveled in all excitement by those people who never stopped searching for the best phones that they could ever imagine. Let us all welcome into our fast-paced lives the stylish and sleek IPhone 6. Overall, IPhone 6 is completely a reinvention of IPhones which includes its incredible design from the very beginning.

The sleek and round design of IPhone 6 sizzles in features and versatility.

The sleek and round design of IPhone 6 sizzles in features and versatility.


Moreover, this is a complete overhaul of the so-called squared of design ever since the birth of IPhone 4. Unbelievably, the marvelous and functional version of IPhone 6 is much sportier with its slim and round physique. As far as its best feature is concerned, it has been said that this is waterproof in the real sense of the word, just like the Xperia Z3 and Galaxy S5. More so, it’s spellbinding screen display measures about 4.7 inches. Best of all, its screen has been described as unbreakable. Thus it is protected by a sturdy and genuine sapphire glass.

Internally, the luxurious IPhone 6 is packed with a quad core A8 processor. Speaking of its Random Access Memory, it is oozing with a huge storage capacity of 1 GB. Meanwhile, its camera has an 8MP sensor larger pixels and with a more enhanced image processing. Also, it has a distinctive software perfection rolled into one. If you are wondering about its incomparable Operating System, you are going to be surprised of Apple’s inherent technological wonders. It is no other than but the i0S 8.


Price wise, the dynamic and all-powerful IPhone 6 is priced at $869. On the other hand, others have a whooping price tag of $649. Truly, the sophisticated and most wanted IPhone 6 will make our mobile communication needs the best of both worlds like no other.

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