There’s another bitter and mournful event in global history that seems to have devastatingly tainted the essence of world peace in just a blink of an eye. This is all about those brave and fierce Iraqi forces unlawful move to execute not more than 255 detainees just a few months back to get even with the killings of the so-called Islamic State Fighters, according to those cause-oriented or right groups in general. According to accurate reports of the Human Rights Watch, they had shockingly found out that those merciless killings had taken place in almost six towns of Iraq as well as in its villages since the first week of June. Among the poor and helpless casualties were mostly males under 18 years of age.

Fierce iraqi forces have killed at least 255 people to avenge Islamic State Killings.

Fierce iraqi forces have killed at least 255 people to avenge Islamic State Killings.

To date, those senseless executions had taken place when these powerful Iraqi forces were about to escape from the fetters of the Islamic State militants and other armed throngs. Categorically, its armed security forces were referred to as Shiites and those prisoners who died were called as Sunni. Furthermore, these crimes were described as war crimes against humanity. For a much better understanding, the Islamic State is actually an offshoot of Al Qaeda who later called them-selves as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

This group is said to be a patchwork of those insurgents who took hold of a territory and then suddenly being taken away in a blitzkrieg across the direction of the northern and western sections of Iraq. Thus, they have been warned to move to Baghdad. In closing, these tyrannic Iraqi forces did not make any move or whatsoever to conceal these demonic mass executions.

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