The magnificent and serene province of Davao is remarkably recognized as one of the ideal places to explore and visit in the Philippines. But what if its citizens most specially the youths are recruited for the ISIS organization? Let this article provide the straightforward facts with respect to this very sensitive national issue. ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. According to verified reports, there were about 100 Filipinos who were allegedly recruited to become certified jihadists.

The ISIS dissident group which beheaded an American journalist is allegedly recruiting Davaoenos.

The ISIS dissident group which beheaded an American journalist is allegedly recruiting Davaoenos.

Consequently, the fierce and stern mayor of Davao in the person of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has expressed concern over this complex social issue that is haunting Davao nowadays. Although he knew something about the said recruitment the goal-driven mayor has refused to provide pertinent details pertaining to ISIS hiring of comrades in Davao. In other developments, Mayor Duterte does not have any idea if these Filipino recruits are already in Syria or Iraq for their supposedly intensive training. Nevertheless, Duterte hopes that these innocent people are recruited for the right reasons.

Meanwhile, a top official of Ateneo de Davao has confirmed the drastic recruitment of ISIS. Al Qalam, of the Institute for Islamic Identities and Dialogue in Southeast Asia and his colleague has further added that there are other recruitments in other parts of Mindanao. As far as the recruits’ points of origin are concerned, most them have come from Sulu, Basilan, Zamboanga and Tawi-Tawi. This was according to the reports of Business World Online. On the other hand, the Armed Forces of the Philippines there was no such recruitments. Hence, these authorities have claimed this alarming situation as a mere propaganda no more, no less.

Given this kind of a situation the Philippine government must critically look into this so as to protect the psychosocial and moral fibers of young and brilliant Filipinos who have big dreams for the Philippines.

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