It is interesting to note that Hollywood celebrities have their own crushes despite of their famous international stature. Jennifer Lopez or J. Lo to her peers and fans has revealed her crush on a popular television show entitled, Live with Kelly and Michael, last week. J Lo’s secret crush is no other than but the gorgeous David Gandy. Gandy is J Lo’s partner in her sexy video, First Love. Likewise, David Gandy is a certified model of Dolce and Gabbana.

Despite of her popular stature, J. Lo' s secret crush has been revealed.

Despite of her popular stature, J. Lo’ s secret crush has been revealed.

Physically, J Lo’s secret crush was described by her as

He’s in the Dolce & Gabbana ads and he is just… I mean, this guy is – he’s almost perfect!. And it’s not that he’s perfect. He’s got a big nose, but he’s perfect.
You guys have to see him. If I had a celebrity crush, it would be him.

Currently, she is single. Jennifer Lopez recently broke up with Casper Smart. There is nothing impossible with fate and destiny. Who knows? They might end up together in the not so distant future. J Lo’s secret crush is indeed as lucky as she is.

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