Jaclyn Jose Will Never Give Up Her Acting Career for Now

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One’s career path lies in his or her blood. Whatever happens, Jaclyn Jose will never stop acting in front of the camera even during her twilight years. According to her, she wants to be like veteran actress Gloria Romero who is still very much active in Philippine Showbiz despite of her age. Based on her own statement, she said.

I still wanted to act though I have the same age as Gloria Romero’s.

Award-winning Filipina actress Jaclyn Jose will never stop acting for now.

Award-winning Filipina actress Jaclyn Jose will never stop acting for now.

She had been head over heels in love with the local movie industry, because it was her best way to provide for his daughter and grandchild. Speaking of her beautiful daughter Andi Eigenmann, she often gives her an honest to goodness advice to love her craft like her mother. More so, she gladly shares her words of wisdom to new actors and actresses. Jose says,

I am here to help. Please do not get intimidated.

On the other side of the story, Jaclyn Jose never gets irked when popular child star Ryzza Mae Dizon is mimicking her subdued way of acting. For her, imitation is the best form of flattery. When asked about the new generation of stars in today’s modern genre, Jose has this to say.

They are oozing with talents.


Some of them have swollen heads already.

Therefore, she sees herself as someone who is duty bound to open their eyes about the paramount importance of professionalism and humility to maintain a star stature in local showbiz.

Currently, she is busy finishing her latest indie film entitled, The Fallen Prisoner. The film is all about the various forms of maltreatments that are being experienced by young workers in a sardines factory. In general, she remarkably regards this film as one’s food for the soul.

In essence, Jaclyn Jose is an epitome of a splendid local celebrity who knows how to appreciate her rare acting talent regardless of fleeting monetary gains.

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