Jake Ejercito’s Kissing Issue: What’s the Real Score?

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The gorgeous son of former president Joseph Estrada in the person of Jake Ejercito was allegedly caught in an undisclosed bar and he was said to be kissing with an unidentified girl. As a result, his rumored and ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann has issued her reaction via one of her social media accounts. She said that the girl was not really hot in the first place. On the part of Jake he has yet to comment on the alleged photo as of this time.

Jake Ejercito was allegedly caught kissing a girl in a bar.

Jake Ejercito was allegedly caught kissing a girl in a bar.

As far as Andi is concerned, she said that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Given this kind of answer, it seemed that there are no truths with respect to those rumors that she and Jake had become lovers since 2011. Meanwhile, the young Ejercito had time and again denied that they are playing sweet music together three years ago. What seems to be the ultimate repercussions of all these senseless denials on their respective lives? First and foremost, these issues can make or break an artist like Andi and Jake. Just the same, the more that these two people deny about what had gone through the interests of local showbiz reporters are becoming deeper and deeper each day.

Meanwhile, the kissing issue which involved Jake Ejercito is actually not a big deal at all because Jake Ejercito is a certified bachelor as of this year. Of course, it is very much understandable that young man like him will play around the field until such time that he will finally settle down However, it would be another story to tell if he and Andi are very much together in utmost secrecy. Nonetheless, any kind of publicity will surely be a hit in showbiz columns in the Philippines.

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