The complexities of our world today is not only ruled by social revolution but with bloody violence that seems to have no end at all. Several years back, a loving mother lost a God-fearing son who happens to be a journalist by profession. His name is James Foley. As a result, his mom has pleaded the Islamic militants to spare those innocent persons most specially those who are in Syria. Those merciless Islamic insurgents were allegedly responsible for the gruesome beheading of her 40-year old son.

James Foley is a hard-hitting journalist who was captured and allegedly beheaded in Syria.

James Foley is a hard-hitting journalist who was captured and allegedly beheaded in Syria.

Although she was incessantly grieving she had nothing to say but all praises for her beloved James. She has this to say.

We thank Jim for all the joy he gave us. He was an extraordinary son, brother, journalist and person.

The alleged inhumane crime against James Foley has yet to be accurately verified by US authorities. Accordingly, there was a video entitled, A Message to America. It was rumored to contain the alleged beheading incident of Foley along with another US journalist, Steven Sothloff. However, Mrs. Diane Foley has wholeheartedly accepted the fate of her son. James was abducted by Islamic militants on the 22nd day of November 2012. Along this line, James’ immediate family is requesting for a much needed privacy with respect to the uncertainty of John’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, his sister Kelly is earnestly pleading millions not to share the immodest video of James. This was clearly stated in her official Twitter account.

James Foley was a former teacher who had finished a degree in Medicine at the Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Since then, he became a freelance journalist. Prior to his alleged death, he was sent by GlobalPost for a dangerous assignment. As he was accomplishing his God sent mission, he was abducted by some armed men near Taftanaz, a notable town in Syria. Among his hard hitting articles was all about the frustrating implications of wars particularly among the Aleppo citizens. It is said to be as the biggest city of Syria. Before his unexpected abduction, this was his detailed description of the ongoing violence in Syria. In his article he clearly wrote.

The 1000-year-old market has been gutted, and the rebel-controlled west lies in ruin.Last week’s massive suicide car bombings, which levelled blocks of the government centre, left craters some 10 feet deep.

Conclusively, whatever really happened to such an exceptional journalist like Foley may he be at peace with the loving presence of God. Let him serve as an inspiration to future media personalities to do what they are destined to be no matter what happens.

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