God has finally answered the fervent prayers of the family of a murdered journalist James Foley. This was the latest development according to both British and American intelligence services which had spearheaded a massive manhunt for those group of insurgents who were mainly responsible for the beheading of a very dedicated media personality, who was assigned in Syria for an exclusive coverage. Incidentally, the gruesome act was officially uploaded by IS dissidents on their official website, AlFurqan. Hence, US authorities have confirmed the said merciless act. Accordingly, the one who did that lawless act was a British national. It was based on the accent of the killer him-self. Meanwhile, he was allegedly identified as John.

British and American intelligence services have positively identified James Foley's executioner as John.

British and American intelligence services have positively identified James Foley’s executioner as John.

John, the British executioner of Foley was described by former hostages as a jihadist who is intellectually stimulating, a devout believer of radical Islamic teachings. Due to that heinous crime that he did against the good-natured journalist, he is currently considered as one of the world’s most wanted man. Based on his confidential profile, he is the leader of a group that is known as the Beatles. It has been given the primal responsibility of guarding captives in Western Syria. Going back, there were verified reports that the ill-fated journalist was allegedly subjected to some sort of a mockery at the time of his inhumane detention. To date, he was made to pose as if he was crucified on the wall.

Furthermore, he was actually held in captivity for eight month along with the other hostages. This was the personal account of Francois, a French journalist who was luckily freed by these devilish souls that history has ever known. The US authorities has vowed to continue their retribution, regardless of the insurgents’ counter attack against those innocent lives like James Foley.

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