James Yap Confirms Rumors of Having a Child

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Philippine Basketball Association’s star cager, James Yap has finally confirmed those endless rumors that he had an eldest child prior to his other kid with Kris Aquino, whom they uniquely called as Bimby. In an exclusive interview with a primetime television show, One-on-One with Tunying, he never hesitated to disclose on national television about his first child. Also, he felt grateful and at the same time has deeply expressed about his heartfelt sense of gratitude to the mother of his first child. In all sincerity, he said.

Filipino star cager, James Yap confirms he has an eldest child, prior to Bimby.

Filipino star cager, James Yap confirms he has an eldest child, prior to Bimby.

Actually, I want to thank my ex-girlfriend, who no matter what I’ve been through, never meddled or said anything bad about me.

As far as settling down is concerned, James Yap said that as of now it is still not a part of his future plans yet. Just like a basketball game, it has to be a slowly but surely kind of thing. Thus, if it comes everything will fall on its proper places. Readiness is Yap’s unlocking secret in getting married soon. In the same television program, its main host has asked about his retirement plans. Frankly, he answered that in six years time he will say goodbye to local basketball and would be focusing his attention more on coaching.

More so, he told Anthony Taberna that he very much interested in training those students from high school so that he will be able to share with these young people all about the trade secrets on how to become a popular basketball player in due time. Gladly, James Yap wants to see his would be students in the PBA. Based on his prolific profile, Yap hails from Negros Occidental. Since he became member of the professional league, he has received several awards such as follows: Most Valuable Player Award from 2005-2006; and again in the year 2009-2010.

Aside from these accolades, he has played for the RP Team several times. Having an illustrious basketball career, is not all for Yap. He surprisingly tied the knot with TV actress Kris Aquino sometime in 2005. During their happy and peaceful marital union, they were blessed a child whose name is James Aquino Yap, Jr.

James Yap is indeed man enough to do such an admission. Therefore, he is more than just a multi-awarded icon in local basketball that we should always look up to.

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