Basketball superstarJames Yap is all set for his upcoming wedding with his Italian girlfriend. Incidentally, the super romantic couple is this month’s cover of Yes Magazine. It is the leading celebrity magazine in the Philippines today. Together with his Italian beau Michela Cazzola, they have ultimately enjoyed their most memorable trip together because they have been in a place where everything seems to be well-structured and exceptionally planned.

San Miguel's ace player James Yap and his future wife Michela Cazzola

San Miguel’s ace player James Yap and his future wife Michela Cazzola.

As such, James was really in awe when he saw the native land of his beloved Michela. He even said to him-self as to how the Italian government was able to do it without any inch of difficulty at all. In retrospect, they both recalled the sweetest day that they had sealed their eyes on each other until the day that they had fallen in love with one another. Most importantly, Michela was so delighted to find out that James’s son with Kris Aquino is a very polite boy with refined manners. In other words, Kris Aquino has done a good job in raising her kid. She even said during her rarest interview that both Josh and Bimby gave her kiss during their initial meeting. Michela’s exact words were,

He was really nice. I was surprised. He was extremely polite. I thought maybe, you know, he might have a mood or something. He’s a kid, and you’re the girlfriend of his father, so you never know, right? I could expect the worst. But no, he was so nice. He was so cute. He kissed me. His brother also.

As far as their forthcoming altar date, you will not know this until you do have a copy of this month’s issue of Yes Magazine. At last, James Yap has found his perfect match in God’s PERFECT TIME.

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