It has been constantly said time and again, that our stint here on earth is too short and we must make the most out of it for as long as we have been given a rare chance to use our precious lives to leave a lasting legacy with honor and dignity. In lieu of this, Saturday Night Live’s Queen for several years in the person of Jan Hooks is currently best remembered for her exceptional kinds of comedy routines that can never be replicated by anyone else in the glamorous world of Hollywood. At 57, Jan Hook died in New York last night after she had battled with a lingering illness over the years. Before her untimely demise, she was last seen by her millions of avid fans in one of the episodes of 30 Rock.

Comedy actress  and Saturday Night Live icon Jan Hooks is dead after a lingering illness.

Comedy actress and Saturday Night Live icon Jan Hooks is dead after a lingering illness.

In that particular show, she played the role of Verna. She was best described the unreliable mom of Jenna Maroney. Hooks joined the formidable company of SNL from 1986- 1991. In that very light and hilarious TV show, Hooks had incredibly impersonated former US first lady Hilary Clinton which had undeniably become one of the highest-rating episodes of SNL. During her heydays, she likewise mimicked these famous celebrities in all effectiveness and with a kind of burning passion that was only unique in her. They were as follows: Jody Foster, Betty Ford and Nancy Reagan. In essence, she says that having a big name in showbiz simply goes like this.

If you’re talented, if you’re good, you’ll get work.

This Jan Hooks’ most definitive description of how to stay in the business for years. Further, she said.

It’s a waste of energy to complain you’re not getting this or that because you’re a woman. I found that the more you complained, the more you pigeonhole yourself.

In real life, she is known as Janice Hooks who was born in Decatur, Georgia and who eventually grew up in Atlanta. When she was still a teenager, Hooks and her family moved to Florida to continue her secondary education. Meanwhile, her inherent knack for acting all began when she started to join theatrical productions in their school. Hook’s tertiary years were fruitfully spent at the University of Florida were her acting skills had already gone to greater heights. Unbelievably, she was paid a not so bad paycheck of $115 a week. Jan Hooks justifyingly portrayed the role of an Indian princess in what she called as an outdoor drama in Livingston, Texas. But, her first and biggest break as an actress came along her way when she did Pee-wee’s Big Adventure in 1985.

As an actress, Jan Hooks was bestowed a prestigious Emmy Award in Georgia for her overpowering performance in Tush. In addition, she was also nominated for her timeless role in 3rd Rock From the Sun.. When her sudden death got into the headlines, it immediately became a trending topic worldwide.

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