Japan’s Awesome Robotic News Anchor

| June 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

Japan does it again in the world of technological innovation, when it was able to change the world of conventional newscasting by magnificently inventing a robotic news anchor. According to those people who have seen this unparalleled byproduct of man’s ingenuity, it has a humoristic side and can even deliver news events with a perfect intonation. It was named as Kodomoroid. Etymologically, its unique name was derived from two Japanese confabulations such as Kudomoand android, respectively.

This is the newest invention of Japanese genius.- A robotic news anchor.

This is the newest invention of Japanese genius.- A robotic news anchor.

The endearing robotic news anchor was finally launched last Tuesday. For its pilot testing, it was tasked to deliver a news about an earthquake as well as an FBI raid. Meanwhile, its tremendous inventor goes by the name of Hiroshi Ishiguro. In the next few days, this robot newscaster will be one of the rare guests at the Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

Accordingly, this admirable invention of the 50-year old scientist will be able to accomplish the noble goal of Ishiguro to use and promote robotic inventions to help the society in a much larger scope. Truly, this outrageous robotic newscaster is a viral phenomenon.

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