Have you ever wondered how Jared Leto is preparing for his newest and catalytic role in an upcoming film, the Suicide Squad? This is an action-packed flick which will have its official playdate on the 5th day of August 2016. Reports have it, that he will justifiably take on the role of Joker. As an actor, Jared Leto has won an Oscar’s citation for his supporting role in the film entitled, The Dallas Buyer’s Club. Apart from this juicy movie project, he was likewise chosen to be luckily included in Doctor Strange, an incredible work of art by Marvel productions.

Jared Leto and Suicide Squad

Versatile Hollywood actor Jared Leto takes on a more challenging role in his upcoming film, Suicide Squad.

Going back to Suicide Squad, it has been reported that there was somewhat a script modification to very well fit in somewhere, somehow Joker’s mysterious character. In essence, if Jared will be able to play the role of Joker in the movie Suicide Squad, he will definitely give it his best shot to unmistakably prove that he is truly the right choice for that impeccably antagonistic role as a whole. Although he is now as the same with Ben Affleck in terms of age, it does not really matter a lot for as long as he can perfectly deliver what his controversial role so requires. However, he has yet to comment on the matter. Nevertheless, Hollywood insiders have said that it would be Leto no more, no less. Previously, the tedious but challenging role of Joker was graciously offered to Ryan Gosling. But he allegedly declined it, because of his other movie projects which he has to accomplish before this year ends.

The succeeding sections of this article will humbly share some of the worth knowing facts about Jared Leto, for us to him more on a personal level. Primarily, he is not only an actor by profession. He is also certified singer, a composer and a director in his own right. Before he made a famous name in the prestigious hallmarks of Hollywood, Jared Leto has made several television appearances. Meanwhile, his biggest break came so suddenly when he was chosen to play a role for a popular television series, My So-Called Life sometime in 1994. In the glaring realms of an ever evolving movie world, Leto’s initial film was entitled, How to Make an American Quilt. This fantastic flick was done in 1995. From then on, he had become of the much sought after actor of all time.

Despite of his unmatched acting prowess and unstoppable bankability, he did have a sweet taste of playing supportive roles. Some of these classic flicks were: The Thin Red Line, Fight Club and the American Psycho. As a singer, he is on lead vocals for his very own group, Thirty Seconds to Mars. This was the band that he had impressively formed in the year 1998 in Los Angeles California. However, this band of his was not able to create a dynamic and stirring milestone in the international music scene. Hence, all of these temporary and fleeting challenges along his illustrious career path has made Jared Leto a seasoned performer through the years.

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