Jason Webb has reasons to celebrate these days because he is in a new and exciting relationship with sexy actress Mylene Dizon. The real score between the two was finally admitted by Dizon her-self after her one-on-one interview in a popular late night talk show of Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda. Who is the real Jason Webb? Let us come to know him personally by heart. He was a former soccer player, who was born on September 27,1975. He is the son of ex-basketball player turned politician, Freddie Webb and his wife, Elizabeth.

Former international soccer superstar is Mylene Dizon's sweetheart.

Former international soccer superstar is Mylene Dizon’s sweetheart.

As a child, he grew up in the central Pennsylvania. After his collegiate days, he pursued his love for soccer more passionately than ever before. After his much needed retirement on the said sport, he had decided to act as a coach of several youths through his different training programs of soccer. From then on, he was already considered as a soccer icon in the Philippines.

Currently, Jason Webb is is much engrossed in his non-profit organization kind of an endeavor. He is also a multi-awarded Pinoy entrepreneur has received several accolades under his belt. Given these abundant blessings, Jason remains to be humble to everyone wherever he might be. As a person, he never wavered his faith in God despite all the trials that had come his way. This was too evident enough when his brother Hubert Webb was jailed for several years because of a sensational crime that tested the tenacity, faithfulness and the solidarity of their family to the hilt. Having gone through all of these bitter and challenging trials, he remained to be productive all his life without reservations. Going back to Mylene Dizon and Jason Webb there is no doubt that they will make good couple against all the odds that might come along their way.

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  1. Richard says:

    Hi. I think you have mistaken Jason Webb for someone else’s professional bio. Following the footsteps of his dad, Jason is in fact a former collegiate basketball star, former PBA hoopster, a distinguished sports analyst, and currently serves as an assistant coach with PBA team San Mig Coffee Mixers. He is also a public official being a counsilor for the 1st district of Paranaque City.

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