The next best thing to a celebrity’s glamorous stature and lifestyle is a much anticipated wedding. Jessa Duggar got married to longtime boyfriend, Ben Seewald. What makes this marital union unique was that these very happy newlyweds never showed their first kiss in front of their guests and spectators unlike those other Hollywood altar dates which had also made an unprecedented media mileage. At a tender age of 21, Duggar is more than willing to do anything for the sake of love and marriage to her one and only Ben Seewald.

The simple ceremony where they exchanged vows for a fruitful lifetime, took place at the First Baptist Church in Bentonville, Ark. They had cordially invited about 1,000 guests to blissfully celebrate a new and challenging milestone in their lives as husband and wife. According to reliable sources, the endearing couple had poured two vases of sand into a single container to symbolically depict their own personas as one heart, body and soul. Inside the church, pews were decorated with white-colored ribbons, where the parents of these excited newlyweds were humbly seated. If you want to have a glimpse as to how the wedding of the century had taken place, read on the subsequent sections.

Jessa Duggar weds longtime boyfriend, Ben Seewald.

Jessa Duggar weds longtime boyfriend, Ben Seewald.

Her younger sister was chosen to be her maid of honor. Meanwhile, her husband’s best man was no other than but his best friend, Dylan McMahan. During their wedding, grandparents and mothers alike intently listened to the song, Amazing Grace. Then, her bridesmaids had followed suit to create an elegance that we had never seen before. In addition, Rebecca Seewald had beautifully rendered the song, Love Never Falls. Prior to the wedding, those people who are dearly close to their hearts had said that Duggar and Seewald had a literally swift engagement. To be exact, it took place about two and a half months ago. The beautiful bride lovingly said yes after a 0.75 karat engagement was given to her. In a joint statement, Jessa Duggar and her husband had said.

God has written an amazing story through our courtship, and another chapter has just begun! We are thrilled to see what the future holds.

Jessa is the third one in the family to get married to a wonderful person such as Ben Seewald. Despite of the strict rules of discipline which had been imposed by their beloved father, the sweet promptings of love had never escaped the longing hearts of Duggar and Seewald. He had revealed in a candid interview

As far as our kids dating, we believe a lot of times if you’re alone with a person, it can create desires that can kind of get stirred up, and you don’t have any accountability, and [that] can lead to some hanky panky.

In conclusion, Jessa Duggar was so blessed by God when she suddenly found someone like Ben Seewald who had finally completed the missing link in her once lonely life.

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