Soon to be celebrity moms like Jessica Biel, has nothing to prove nowadays insofar as her undying love and commitment to her beloved husband, Justin Timberlake. She and Justin will face this world with so many challenges which will dawn another day for them to conquer and smile with it in all gladness and sincerity. Just like any other moms, she is very much optimistic that she would be successful in resolving the shallow dilemma of a pregnant woman. Best of all, she surely promised to her-self that she will be one of the most ideal mothers by being a selfless and ever supportive mom to her child.

Who would have thought that the sexy Jessica Biel would become a celebrity mom?

Who would have thought that the sexy Jessica Biel would become a celebrity mom?

After being married for almost two years, Timberlake and Jessica seemed to have adjusted to their other human needs as a couple. Therefore, it is high time to have a child which will bring them utmost peace and an overwhelming kind of joy within them-selves. As we all know, Justin will become a first time father and that latest status of his is something that is worth anticipating. Based on verified reports, Jessica is currently three months on the way. Thus, she is set to deliver her baby come April 2015. Hence, this newest blessing in their busy but happy way of life has brought them much closer together in good and bad times. In fact, in one of their rarest Instagram photos, Justin’s arms was around around his loving wife’s shoulders.

Of course, there wasn’t any big deal about this one because they are truly in love with one another no matter what the tides must bring. In a more passionate mode, Timberlake him-self even wrote a meaningful caption on their most cherished photograph. It says, Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. –Ferris. Biel, for her part must constantly have in mind that Motherhood is a lifetime but fulfilling career of rearing up kids to be God-fearing and a role model in a society. More so, it is not about fame, fortune and popularity but motherhood is a noble mission for any woman that she must successfully accomplish without turning back.

In response to her fans’ clamour, here are some of the most sought after advices for expectant mothers like Jessica Biel. First and foremost, weight gain is inevitable during her first three months of pregnancy. If this happens, she should not lose her self-esteem because this medical predicament is fleeting. In addition to this, she and her hubby should be more considerate and understanding that an international mileage will always be a part of the game no matter how it is deliberately avoided.

Indeed, Jessica Biel must be hailed and admired because she never wasted any opportunity to eventually become one of best expectant moms in the world.

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