Genuine artistic excellence might be the secret and charming weapon of Filipino singer Bamboo Manalac, as to the reason why Jessica Lowe admires this versatile judge of Voice Kids. Ultimately, the sultry Hollywood actress has said that Manalac is a good singer and they have met a couple of times. By the way, Lowe is one of the lead stars of the movie,Blended. To date, this will be her first movie ever since she was initially discovered.

Jessica Lowe

The newest sensation of Hollywood, Jessica Lowe is a big fan of Bamboo Manalac, former vocalist of Rivermaya.

On a lighter note, there is also another American celebrity whose name is Adam Sandler has openly admitted that he is extremely addicted to the different and delicious bread varieties of the Philippines. Accordingly, his addiction to the staple snack of the Filipinos all started when he got a first taste of it when the mother of his friend Rob Schneider gave him some of these irresistible foodtrips of the patriotic Pinoys.

Indeed, the love and unexpected admiration for someone knows no bounds. Best of all, nobody could ever come close to the inherent wit and talent of a Filipino artist such as Bamboo Manalac. Jessica Lowe has exceptionally made the right choice, because Filipino artistry is beyond compare the world over.

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