GMA-7’S News and Public Affairs will never be the same again, without the strong and dynamic supervision of its goal driven lady executive, Jessica Soho. Prior to her unexpected retirement, Soho was deservingly designated as the Vice-President for News Program. Her exclusive statement was announced in their network’s official web page, today July 1, 2014. Soho has sincerely served her home network for almost three decades.

Veteran news anchor Jessica Soho retires as GMA-7's news executive

Veteran news anchor Jessica Soho retires as GMA-7’s news executive.

To date, some of her most exemplary duties and functions from her previous position were as follows. She had become one of the most credible news reporters of GMA in 1988. Subsequently, she was also assigned to work as a Production Manager in the year 2000. From those prestigious ranks that only she has the ability to exceptionally fill in, Jessica Soho was again promoted as the acting News Director after two years of hard work and immeasurable sense of loyalty, to a television network that treated her like their own.

Four years later, the sharp and shimmering intellectual brilliance of the Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho host never faltered when she was again promoted as the Vice-President for News. Aside from these fulfilling and yet tedious positions under GMA Channel 7, she had remarkably proven her God given wisdom and talents by assuming these sensitive positions without any inch of difficulty. Over the years, Jessica Soho became the Vice-President for News Programs from 2008 up to 2013. Meanwhile, her last and momentous promotion happened in 2013. During that year, she was given the position as the First VP for News Programs.

Under her stern leadership, GMA News has been recognized as a frontliner in the competitive arena of news and public affairs in the Philippines. Consequently, their network’s early evening newscast , has earned for itself as the leading newscast in the country since it was first aired in 2004. Likewise, their other primetime news program had continuously dominated Philippine television up to this day. Last but not least, Jessica was able to create other relevant news programs for GMA. Best of all, GMA News TV has also become a phenomenal household name under her tutelage.

According to this internationally-acclaimed broadcaster,

I am most proud of the fact that under my watch, the credibility of GMA News became even stronger. Filipinos watch us because they know we can be trusted to deliver accurate, objective and balanced reporting because we have no political agenda or biases and we have consistently proven that through administrations, past and present.

Moreover, she further said.

I am a Kapuso through the core of my being. I have worked with only one (1) network throughout my entire career because I truly believe in the network’s independence and professionalism.

Just the same, Jessica Soho will stay as Kapuso’s central figure in the kind of profession that means more than life to her.

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