Sometimes, life just teases us with past memories getting rekindled right in front of our eyes. Take for example the story between Jessie Mendiola and former boyfriend JM De Guzman.  After splitting up for more that 2 years, life have made their paths to cross once more.  In an interview with Jessie Mendiola in the Aquino & Abunda Tonight,  Jessie admitted that she bumped with JM one day while she was jogging in UP Diliman Campus.

Jessie Mendiola's Conversation with JM De Guzman

Jessie Mendiola’s Conversation with JM De Guzman

She revealed the conversation she had with JM.  Does this signal a chance of love sprouting back again? Find out by watching the actual interview of Jessie Mendiola in the video below.  As I have said many times before, anything is possible in life.

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