Jessy Mendiola: No More Suitors

| June 3, 2014 | 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered why a beautiful lady such as Jessy Mendiola has no suitors as of this time? Yes, Mendez is very much available these days, after singer Sam Milby and Jake Cuenca stopped wooing her. The gorgeous and sexy talent of ABS- CBN says that she and her suitors have those things in life that really do not seem to workout. This was her simple and clear explanation as to why those guys stopped courting her. But they have remained as friends.

Jessy Mendez has no more suitors to accommodate.

Jessy Mendez has no more suitors to accommodate.

Despite of the fact that Jessy Mendiola has no more suitors, her amiable heart is still happy because of her special friend from Colombia. He’s name is Sebastian Lopez. She unexpectedly met this guy, while she was having a grand vacation in Boracay. However, they are only friends as of now.

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