It is very rare that cancer patients survive from the said deadly illness. Even American Idol Joanne Borgella was not miraculously spared from a kind of deadly disease which is medically termed as endometrial cancer. She passed away at the age of 32. The family members of this notable singer cum composer had resorted to her official Facebook page to bitterly announce her sudden and painful demise.

Season 7 American Idol finalist died of endometrial cancer at 32.

Season 7 American Idol finalist died of endometrial cancer at 32.

With heavy hearts, we are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our beloved Joanne. ‘At an early age, Joanne made a choice to serve and trust the Lord; and since her diagnosis over a year ago, Joanne made a choice to also be a fighter and share her journey with the world.


Her faith, courage and strength were unshaken throughout every obstacle she encountered. Although our family is suffering with this great loss, we find comfort in the closeness Joanne shared with the Lord. We know her spirit still shines and will continue to live on in heaven.

The talented Joanne Borgella had started in the glittering world of show business when she was chosen for the project, Oxygen’s Mo’Nique’s Fat Chance in 2005. In those days, her very unique pseudo was Miss F.A.T. But her biggest break came after three years when she joined the American Idol Season 7. She made it to the Top 12 roster. Finally, Joanne made it to the American Idol’s Top 24. Unfortunately, she got eliminated. Several years had passed and she was devastatingly diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2013. But instead of feeling bitter, she came out in the open to share her very melancholic story with her millions of fans with her blogs, video footage and some crucial and yet positive developments about her much anticipated progress, On the contrary, it had spread from her uterus going to her chest.

In January, the courageous and steadfast Joanne Borgella had announced.

It’s really not about a stage [of disease]. God is with me and I feel his presence every day. I just wanted to share this information with everyone to let them know what I’m going through and I’m going to update everyone every week as much as I can.

In her last Facebook message on September 23, the star appeared to be in good spirits as she talked about her latest round of radiation treatment, even sharing a photo in which she looked healthy and full of life. It said,

Gooooood morning!! We are heading back to radiation for 2 procedures!! God js with us!! I have lots to fill you in on.. The presence of The Lord is here.. Prayers up!!! I love you guys.

In memory of Joanne Borgella, her immediate family earnestly asks for our own volition and tireless efforts to educate our-selves about endometrial cancer the best way that we can.

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