Jodi Sta. Maria Ignores Worst Dressed Feedbacks

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Famous celebrities are constantly the subject of major to shallow controversies that are most of the time disturbing, if they do not know how to handle these nasty talks. Jodi Sta. Maria, is one of the finest actresses in Philippine Television whose beauty and acting versatility are extremely unquestionable. But as they say, one’s performance on the boob tube is never enough.

Jodi Sta.  Maria was adjudged as <em>Worst Dressed  Celebrity</em>, at the Star Magic Ball.

Jodi Sta. Maria was adjudged as Worst Dressed Celebrity, at the Star Magic Ball.

Just recently, Sta. Maria was adjudged as one of the worst dressed celebrities during the 8th Star Magic Ball which was held last September 6, 2014. For the said star-studded occasion, Jodie wore a simple white tuxedo and it was well complemented with her short hairdo just like those stunning Hollywood celebs. According to the phenomenal star of Be Careful with My Heart, its her personal choice to wear such kind of a fashion for a change. To objectively defend her chosen designer, she simply said.

The works of Joey Samson are very good. I don’t even care what others will say, fors long as I am comfortable with what I wear. Thus, we are entitled to our own opinions.

Conclusively, celebrities must not be judged according to their physical appearance. What matters most is the way how they conduct them-selves on and off cam. Those elegant dresses and other fashion statements will come and go. But, there timeless contributions will never fade. In the case of Jodi Sta Maria, her attitude towards these fashion critics is too admirable. She never held grudges with anyone. Jodie has given them the benefit of the doubt as far as their judgments are concerned. Needless to say, she does not have to prove anything because only she knows her-self more than anyone else.

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