Kapamilya’s pride and most amiable contract star,Jodie Sta Maria says that you need not to be in love to stay healthy and beautiful at the same time. She said that we all need to do some simple exercise routines that we can regularly do at the comforts of our own homes. Among these are: Cardio, brisk walking, running and going up and down the stairs several times. Speaking of her idea of self-confidence, Sta. Maria says that it is really essential that we are all comfortable with our body and that we are happy about who we are in the first place.

odi Sta. Maria says that you need to sleep properly to stay healthy.

Jodi Sta. Maria says that you need to sleep properly to stay healthy.

Above anything else, we must all try to attain an ideal body weight to keep us happier than ever before. Jodi says that she once in a while eat some junk food. However, she refrains from those unhealthy routines as much as possible. Hence, to avoid those unnecessary food cravings, Jodi says that she makes use of her creative and healthy mind to do so.

Furthermore, the right amount of sleep will truly make us healthy inside and out Thus, this is one of the best dietary secrets ever discovered by science. Best of all, motherhood should never be a hindrance to keep us physically fit. In other words, having a child should not be a lame excuse to forget about our-selves. Last but not the least, we must first and foremost control our calorie intake to keep us in good shape all these years. Indeed, Jodi Sta Maria is certainly right with respect to her different health related regimen and principles.

However, there are times when most of us have limited financial resources that will provide us with the capability to buy some food that are really healthy and nourishing. Just the same, there is no doubt that Jodi Sta. Maria Is one of the best health gurus in town.

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