Do you still remember this prolific actor who was then a shy debonair from Iloilo that has struggled so much to fruitfully achieve his elusive dream? Well, if you are having a hard time in recalling who he is let this article provide you the best clues. Joel Torre is just a typical person from the province who just wanted to sweetly fulfill his fondest aspirations to be in local showbiz until he makes it big in time. Ever since his acting prowess was critically noticed by several award-giving bodies, he was able to establish an illustrious name for him-self the hard way. From his hard earned money in showbiz, he has decided to put up a kind of business that he never imagined that can his life for the better.

Dramatic actor Joel Torre flies high with his food business.

Dramatic actor Joel Torre flies high with his food business.

The ever-popular JT Chicken Grille along Graanda Street in Quezon City has magnificently made Joel Torre, one of the most successful Pinoy entrepreneurs or today. His mouthwatering Bacolod Chicken is his lucky charm to where he is now as a self-made businessman. Through the years, the said timeless and much sought after chicken recipe has delightfully changed the concept of healthy eating among its loyal and new customers alike. Torres’ chain of restaurants cater to all socioeconomic classes from A to D. After almost nine years, the unbeatable JT Chicken Grille has outrageously expanded to almost 21 branches nationwide. This very competitive business of his had its biggest break in the service industry in 2003. He called it as his Eureka moment. In the beginning, his first ever branch of the JT Chicken Grille had only seven tables and with a rolling cash on hand of only Php 300,000.

Joel Torre further explained that the accessible location has made it succeed. Best of all, his winning streak in business involves the unmatched high quality of the food that they are serving everyday. Currently, his bread and butter is earning a whooping 1 million pesos a day. As a result, he plans to expand the business very soon.

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