Friendship never ends for estranged couple John Estrada and Janice de Belen. They are now in speaking terms for the sake of their children. This was divulged by Estrada him-self, during his one-on-one interview with TV host Boy Abunda on their late night talk show, Aquino and Abunda Tonight, via ABS-CBN 2. Primarily, Estrada and de Belen are mainly talking about the necessities of their daughter Inah, who is about to enter the glitz and glamour of local showbiz. In retrospect, they tied the knot in 1992 and they separated two years after because of John’s romantic liaison with another actress Vanessa del Bianco.

John Estrada and Janice de Belen are on speaking terms for the sake of their children.

John Estrada and Janice de Belen are on speaking terms for the sake of their children.

Despite of their unexpected separation, they remained as the best parents for their children. Likewise, they are both preoccupied with their respective showbiz projects. But now that Inah is also entering the complex world of talents, wits and intrigues, it’s a totally different story to tell for the both of them. On his own perspectives with respect to Inah’s lovelife, John Estrada always reminds his beauteous daughter that he is a jealous father, somehow. According to John, in the event that Inah does something wrong, John and Janice will readily provide the not so stern forms of disciplinary actions.

Profession wise, he is very much willing to work again with his ex-wife if there would be juicy projects at hand. As of now, it is indeed nice to know that both Janice and John have forgotten the past for the sake of their kids who are all grown ups. It only goes to show that estranged couples have the chance to talk about their lives and their differences. Needless to say, former showbiz couples have matured enough to set aside their bickering to ensure that the welfare of their children are dearly prioritized. Meanwhile, Inah has to make good in every endeavor that she wishes to pursue. Talent wise, she has overpoweringly inherited the showbiz genes of her parents.- Beauty, brains and the strength of character that she badly need to keep with the changing trends in showbiz.

Ultimately, John Estrada has set a good example to everyone that their is no better way to love our children but to shower them with all the moral support that they need to be the best of who they are in the years ahead.

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