In a marvelous motion picture, it is seldom that we find its main plot to be natural in form and essence without having to exert lots of effort, so as to solidly its way of conveying the message across the whole storyline. One best example of which was the movie, John Wick. To begin with, this might be a not so huge action film which stars Keanu Reeves but it was able to perfectly execute the sole purpose of being an ideal film inside and out. First and foremost, there are no colossal explosions which were mainly present in most American films that were produced with multi-million dollar budget in its purse.

John Wick is an exceptional action movie without those unnecessary add ons.

John Wick is an exceptional action movie without those unnecessary add ons.

Of course, it could have been some of the propelling X-factors for the movie but then again, it was able to exhibit its best features without any inch of difficulty. But producers have to follow the mainstream of science fiction movies which dearly possess more actions than those deafening noises which were most of the time unnecessary. In the case of John Wick, there were also some car fights and other similar essentials with the hope of characterizing itself as a dope action movie. Ultimately, this action-packed film is said to be extraordinarily beautiful without living inside a vacuum. To date, it features the bitter reality of life that an organized crime is now a lawful business in some merciless and harsh territories across the globe. As a whole, this kind of a movie theme can be regarded as a ridiculous mythology. In the film, it vividly showed some of the biggest hotels in the Big Apple. It is widely known as the Continental, where its people’s bread and butter are horrific and senseless crimes so to speak. It is in the same way, highlighted with a country club which mysteriously uses a different type of currency. The unscrupulous characters in the film had used gold coins as payments for their underground services and other illicit activities.

Hence, to make everything discreet the members of organized crime use certain hard to unravel codes. These can be any of the following: Leave your work at the door and never dare to kill your fellow assassins, who belonged under the same roof. Along this line, this is a tremendous resemblance of a hilarious and somehow an interesting subplot for you to see and appreciate. Let us take a closer look at its narrative necessities. Needless to say, John Wick was able to respond to the most intriguing questions that will pop up on the minds of those intelligent moviegoers who are more concerned of cinematic contents and those varying methods of executions above anything else.

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