Have you ever wondered how a prestigious awards night can be turned into a slight comedy show? Multi-awarded actor Johnny Depp has set the innovative realms of social media on fire when he made a dubious joke cum statement about a dual-mouthed microphone during the Hollywood Film Awards last Friday. This had all happened when he sincerely presented an award for a very inspiring documentary entitled, Supermench: The Legend of Shep Gordon. In retrospect, as soon as he took the center stage that night to do his stuff, he suddenly noticed the presence of an amusing microphone. Upon seeing this odd mic, he unconsciously blurted out.

Gorgeous and award -winning actor Johnny Depp is the newest social media sensation.

Gorgeous and award -winning actor Johnny Depp is the newest social media sensation.

That’s the weirdest microphone I’ve ever seen in my life.

After saying those words, the debonair stellar of the blockbuster hit, Pirates of the Caribbean slightly fumbled with that annoying mic stand. As a result, he continued to say.

I’m not very good at this kind of thing.

After which, he uttered an expletive which was immediately bleeped out, because of an unusual reason that only Johnny Depp and his laughing audience had an intriguing idea about. From there, Johnny Depp has truly made the world of social media a wonderful haven of his own even for just a night.

On the contrary, there were mixed reactions from some open minded and meticulous Twitter users which said.

t appears Captain Jack Sparrow found the rum.

But for those people who had found Depp a comedian in his own right, he wrote.

Congrats, Johnny Depp, you’re about to become an Internet meme.

Indeed, Depp was able to tickle the dormant fancies of millions across the globe. Although it might mean a weird joke for some, it does not matter a lot for somebody like him. What matters most, was the mere fact of providing his live audience of something that will remain to be a classic type of hilarity and humor that only Johnny Depp can marvelously execute. Needles to say, a quality kind of entertainment is not always a matter of being serious. After all, laughter is contagious in many ways. At least, the dynamic and superb organizers of an Awards Night had already learned their lesson in the most subtle ways. For instance, they will never forget to invite Johnny Depp to make them laugh again the next time. Watch how he made everyone laugh to the hilt.

Somewhere, somehow, he has also proven that he could be a comedian too in the coming years. Going back, the spectacular Hollywood Film Awards had hit two birds with one stone. To expound, they were able to provide their audience with a one-of-a- kind of entertainment which was aimed towards the achievement of happiness and camaraderie that cannot be compared with anything else. Johnny Depp, you are the best! Keep on providing us with unique jokes that you alone can ever do.

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