Jomari Yllana Sees No Reconciliation with Aiko Melendez

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Estranged couple Jomari Yllana sees no more reconciliation with ex-wife Aiko Melendez. He says that he really wants to get married at the age of 40. Jomari emotionally revealed that it is hard to live alone specially so if he is too tired from work. He is currently juggling from one teleseries and that’s the very reason why he badly needs somebody to be with to take care of his needs while he works day and night.

Dramatic actor Jomari Yllana has no plans of reconciling with Aiko Melendez.

Dramatic actor Jomari Yllana has no plans of reconciling with Aiko Melendez.

Whenever he would be asked for a possible reconciliation between him and Aiko he said that it would no longer be feasible. He further added.

iko and me, God designed us to have colorful lives.

Likewise, Jomari said

We actually have spark plugs when it comes to those endeavors that we engage our-selves into.

As far as the nature of their relationship now is concerned Jomari has this to say.

I mean, we know each other that much and we’re special people.

In essence, Aiko Melendez and Jomari Yllana have harmoniously maintained a special bond together not only for their sake but for their kids. Now, that they are more at peace with each other there is no doubt that they can be the best of what they are with respect to their careers and personal lives. Needless to say, Jomari had matured a lot in terms of managing his relationships with the opposite sex. It is no longer purely physical but it is more of the emotional aspect.

Therefore, it would take some time before he could have a new partner of his own; to love and to hold forever. Whoever that lucky woman is, she will definitely complete the missing link in Jomari Yllana by God’s mercy and grace.

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