Vaccinations are deemed necessary to help our bodies to produce more antibodies which are of primal importance in fighting those infectious or life-threatening diseases, which can cause our precious life from the very day that we least expect it. Today, this interesting article pays tribute to a genius scientist who laboriously developed the so-called polio vaccine. This brainy and articulate man, goes by the name of Jonas Salk. Here’s how it all started.

Dr. Jonas Salk is the genius mind behind the polio vaccine.

Dr. Jonas Salk is the genius mind behind the polio vaccine.

In the year 1954, over 300,000 health practitioners and other healthcare professionals who had emanated from the United States and Canada were up for the most challenging and historic medical feat. They were tasked to initially test the first ever vaccine for a kind of disease that is severely affecting the lives of children across the globe. In the said dual purpose experiment, almost 650,000 schoolchildren were given the said vaccine. In appreciation, each of these participants were awarded a Polio Certificate. These certificates had proudly proclaimed them as a Polio Pioneer. From then on, these unbelievable and amazing findings were gladly announced a year after. Historically, the man behind this legendary invention was no other Jonas Salk.

Salk was from the University of Pittsburgh. This man with an immeasurable brilliance is celebrating is his 100th birthday. As such, Google Doodle had paid tribute to his timeless contributions in science and research development. By the way, in the said creative design from Google Doodle, it heartwarmingly shows two children saying these kind words, Thank You, Dr. Salk. As a whole, his story and legacy were tapestries of the how’s and why’s of scientific progress from the very day that Dr. Jonas Salk was able to delve into the basic realms of a monumental scientific research. In those years, Salk had made use of cell cultures that he can directly infect with polio. After which, he initially conducted a test treatment. As for the name of those cells that he used, these were referred to as Hella Cells. To describe, these are immortalized cell lines which can be grown and developed in a laboratory with a much longer duration of time. Although Dr, Salk lacked some financial resources, he was able to pull it through the boundless generosity of Basil O’Connor.

Due to Dr.Jonas Salk’s catalytic influence, a foundation was permanently established. It was named as National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. Basically, this organization aims to raise an awareness campaign about the disease because it was still considered as a lingering epidemic in the United States. In terms of budgetary requisites, the polio awareness program in those years had an initial allocation of $1.8 to $67 million. Remarkably, Dr. Jonas Salk was more than just a Pioneer of Polio Vaccine.

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