Police authorities have conclusively established that there was no evidence of foul play in the shooting incident of Jose Canseco. As had been reported by various news wires across the globe, Canseco had discharged his gun and suddenly blew off his finger. In the same manner, the ex- MLB star had claimed that he accidentally fired his gun in his humble Las Vegas residence. He was at the time, cleaning the weapon when the unfortunate incident took place. Due to his carelessness, a bullet ripped through his middle finger. After that very tragic accident he was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital and the doctors had tried to save it no matter what happens.

Jose Canseco, a legendary baseball player accidentally blew his finger while cleaning his gun.

Jose Canseco, a legendary baseball player accidentally blew his finger while cleaning his gun.

Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department had gone to his home to further conduct a thorough investigation about the said shooting accident. As of this writing, Canseco is storming the high heavens with fervent prayers to have his finger back again. The former baseball slugger had said.

Hope I can keep my finger but grateful it wasn’t something worse.

While he was still under an intensive kind of medical treatment, his loving fiancee was with him throughout his entire ordeal to take good care of him. During his heydays, he was able to gloriously make 450 home runs in all 17 seasons. Due to his legendary skills in baseball, he was cited as a Rookie of the Year in 1966. Moreover, he had garnered the highest accolade in his illustrious career when he bagged the MVP Award when he was still with Oakland A’s. Similarly, among the teams that he had joined were the following: The Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, Texas Ranger and Tampa Bay Rays, to name few. During his unstoppable route to fame and popularity, he never denied the allegation that he had once used some steroids.

Also, he never hesitated to admit that the use of such drugs were too rampant in Major Leagues. Hence, to support his claims, he had written some books with respect to the subject matter. Along this line of controversy, there have been no pending investigations regarding this very crucial and debilitating health issue among those sports buffs who are enrichingly engaged in the art of winning as well as the promotion of overall health and wellness to make them-selves iconic figures of today’s young baseball enthusiasts. Above anything else, Jose Canseco might have suffered the most excruciating debacle in his life nowadays. But, his noble legacies will never die just like a soul who keeps on living within the burning furnace of His love now and forever. Long live Jose Canseco!

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