Dallas Cowboys’ superstar Joseph Randle messes up with the law when he was charged with theft from a suburban mall last Monday night. He was charged with a kind of misdemeanor that is categorically classified under Class B. For those of you who are clueless about it, this is a kind of a criminal charge which involves theft. However, Randle was immediately released when he posted writ bond. Reports have it that the accused had stolen some pieces of underwear and a bottle of cologne at the Dillard’s in Stonebriar Centre Mall.

Dallas Cowboys superstar Joseph Randle was accused of stealing inside a world-renowned mall.

Dallas Cowboys superstar Joseph Randle was accused of stealing inside a world-renowned mall.

Meanwhile, a reliable source and insider from his team said that they will penalize Joseph but their management will not in any way issue a suspension order against him. The incident was clearly recorded by a sophisticated surveillance camera which was situated within the strict premises of the shopping center. Based on the sensational camera footage, Randle had purchased a bottle of perfume. After which, he proceeded to the underwear section. It was said that these items had been concealed inside the shopping bag. Then, he went to the exit door. Seconds later, he was stopped by the mall’s security officers in its parking lot. From there, the quick and alert security officers were able to recover two packs of signatured underwear and a full-tester of Gucci Guilty Black cologne. In defense of all those charges, some say that it was really impossible for him to commit such a crime because he earns a a basic salary of $ 495,000.00 for this particular season.

Accordingly, his father said that his son is not a thief. He even expounded his side and this is his direct statement.

My son is not a thief, okay? He was just trying to get his baby out of there because she was clowning pretty bad. All he was going to do is take ?the baby out and then he was going to come back and take care of his business.

Going back, he was fined between $50-$500. The elder Randle was a bit disappointed with the media because they say that everything was sensationalized. But the truth behind these allegations were

He said they wouldn’t come and wait on me so I wanted to get them outside the door so she could try to calm her down and then come back. It’s as simple as that.

Although it seems that it was really unbecoming of him, he was in the same way alleged to have uttered.

I do not have the time to pay for it.

In closing, Joseph Randle needs to be accountable of crime if he did it. However, he should take the necessary legal steps to once and for clear his tainted name before its too late.

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